It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for… April is here and with that comes the legendary Coachella, a.k.a the ‘Festival Fashion Mecca’, taking place in the Indio desert in California over the next two weekends.

This festival has always been the grand opener for all of the others across the world and this year has been no exception, especially when it comes to the style stakes. It would appear that the usual array of tassels and Aztec print is still prominent as it has been in recent years but with an added touch of class and sophistication which is always good to see. 

So here is a breakdown of the best and worst outfits, although I’m not going to lie there weren’t a great deal of the latter because most celebs are fully aware of how important it is to look on point at this festival, not least because the photos tend to hang around for years to come so there is no escaping any faux pas’!

1. So, in first place, you probably won’t be surprised to hear we have my particular festival fashion favourite Kate Bosworth.

Hey, I just play the cards as I see them, ok? And how can you argue with a festival style that has grown from strength to strength to such a high calibre over the years? Just when you think it isn’t possible to look any more chic at a festival, Kate goes and knocks it out of the park. Is it any wonder all the fashion companies are clambering over each other to get her to be the face of their festival ranges?! 

2. Another predictable choice I’m sure, but Kendall Jenner comes in a close second with her unique take on Boho California style.

To be fair, there isn’t a lot that Kendall can do wrong in my eyes at the moment but the fact that she’s willing to jump headfirst out of her high fashion comfort zone into major boho style queen makes me love her all the more.

3. It’s a new entry for the blog with the super-stylish Gigi Hadid.

I have no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of her over the next few years and her choice of Coachella outfits definitely spells out why. Oh and then there’s also the chain of high end catwalk spots and brand endorsements but that’s another blog post…

So that’s my personal top three Coachella fashionistas for you but goodness knows there was a plethora of gorgeous boho-ness to choose from. Here’s a few more of the runners up…

And sadly there were a couple I wasn’t keen on…

So, we’re all pretty much sick of the Hilton sisters by now. That goes without saying. But I was particularly disappointed when I was confronted with Kylie Jenner’s choice of outfit. I mean, that hair?! What on earth was going on? Kylie, please sort it out I beg of you. We all expected so much better!



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