With the nice weather showing up in London this past few days, we can feel that Summer is definitely coming (except in the new season of Game of thrones), and that can only mean one thing, it is time to start booking your tickets for all kind of outdoor events and festivals happening in the city very very soon!

First stop is about one of the thing I love the most about London, the enormous amount of  open air cinemas the city is offering. 
Here is a little selection of the most unusual and nicest places I'll advise you to help you make your choice :

- Backyard cinema in the stables of Camden market, to make you feel like you're in your neighbor's garden watching a movie with your neighbors, plus they have good food and proper sofas. 
- The Luna Cinema is the #1 open air cinema in the UK, hosting events all around the country in some of the most unusual and magical places, my favorite has to be the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, this year they're even bringing Marylin and a famous shark to the screen.
- The Rooftop Film Club is hosting his events in a few different locations across London, from the roof of the famous Queen of Hoxton pub to the roof of Kensington Gardens, many ways to enjoy a 80's classic or a recent award winner movie while sipping a coktail near the clouds.
Drive in Film Club in Alexandra Palace because it is always a pleasure to watch for the 134 times «Dirty Dancing» and «Grease» among people who happened to also know every word to every song of the movie while sitting comfortably in a stranger's car (if like me you don't and probably will never own a your own vehicle).

Last year, my friends and I went on with the Luna Cinema to watch the last Harry Potter movie amoung an army of fans in the quiet Russell Square, we had to bring our own "equipements" but the club offered food and by food I mean the huge bag of sweet pop-corn I had for dinner that night, of course. Great experience, thumbs up !


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