Once in a blue moon there comes a fashion enigma who captures the attentions of the entire world; an enigma whose style radiates high-end fashion, but with the unique ability to encourage everyone to believe that they can achieve the same look. The enigma in this instance is the honorary style icon Sarah Jessica Parker – reigning queen of ‘New York City Chic’ – and having hinted towards the ‘Big Apple’ last week with our focus on Olivia Palermo, there is absolutely no way we could miss out the lady who is synonymous with pretty much all aspects of fashion and ‘the city’, due to her adored portrayal of fashionista/writer Carrie Bradshaw in world-renowned TV show Sex and the City

It’s very hard to know where to start when describing Sarah Jessica Parker, mainly because of the fact that is not always easy to tell where her style ends and Carrie Bradshaw’s begins. Both are universally adored in their own right for their forward-thinking eclectic approach, but perhaps more notably Sarah J-P herself, who has established herself as a muse to many a designer over the years (see the late Alexander McQueen, below right), dating all the way back to her acting debut on stage in NYC at the tender age of 11.

After a significant few decades spent acting on Broadway and appearing in films such as Footloose, Hocus Pocus and Mars Attacks!, Sarah was hand-picked by writer Darren Star in 1998 to star alongside counterparts Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall and Kristen Thomas, in the phenomenally succesful HBO show Sex and the City, from which she was awarded an Emmy in 2004. The show – based on the novel by Candace Bushnell – also went on to inspire two hit box office films after it came to an end in 2006.

Although claiming now that she will not be starring in another television show in her career, it is undeniable that the role of Carrie Bradshaw has cemented Sarah Jessica Parker’s place as one of the most influential fashionistas of our generation. A role that she continues to thrive in, whilst also taking care of three beautiful children with husband Matthew Broderick, not to mention her numerous solo projects and charity work. Sarah Jessica Parker is clearly far from ready to pass on her fashion crown and her most recent outfits more than represent this. 

Something tells me there are many more years of inspiring outfits to come from Sarah Jessica Parker and I for one can’t wait to see which style she inspires in all of us next. 

Get the Look

Summing up Sarah Jessica Parker’s style in one blog post would be about as easy as explaining how the Kardashians came to be so famous… there is no easy answer. Therefore, I have chosen today to stick to Sarah’s unequivocal street style, which even when she is dressing it down, radiates style, class and beauty at all times.

When it comes to putting the outfit together, you will notice from SJP’s back catalogues that there is a prominence of designer shoes – most notably Manolo Blahnik - which her looks have a tendency to revolve around. However, you’ll be relieved to know that you don’t necessarily need to spend a month’s salary on a pair of heels. All you need to do is chose a pair of shoes that accentuate your best stance ie. shoes that make you walk like Carrie Bradshaw. The best choice for this is a classic pair of stilletos (colour-popping if possible) matched with a pair of jeans or summer dress but this is by no means a definite rule. Oh no, Sarah has been seen in all kinds of footwear choices including ballet pumps, sandals, ‘Mary-Jane’s’ and even sneakers so the choice is really down to you. Just be sure to ‘Carrie’ it off with the utmost confidence (excuse the pun!).



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