Following on from Sex and the City style icon Sarah Jessica Parker last week, it seemed only fitting to jump from the East Coast to the West where the fashion inspiration, beauty extraordinaire and all-round living legend Jennifer Aniston resides. To say this woman cannot put a foot wrong is an understatement, hence the reason why she has been held up as a worldwide style phenomena by her fans for over 20 years now. That definitely doesn’t happen every day, especially in Hollywood. Step forward; the magic of Jennifer Aniston.

This list of Jennifer Aniston’s achievements, both on and off the small screen, is seemingly endless but I think most of the world can agree that she won our hearts instantly back in 1994 when she entered the scene as the lovably ditzy Rachel Green in popular culture’s answer to the bible: Friends. Needless to say, it wasn’t only her fresh take on comedy and the instantly addictive ‘Ross and Rachel’ love story that had us all won over. Oh no, Jennifer Aniston was also responsible for the phenomena that knocked hairdressers across the globe for six, and this was ‘The Rachel’ haircut that still apparently gets requested to this day, twenty-one years later. It really isn’t surprising though is it? Her hair is so amazing you can actually find yourself looking at pictures of it in all its variations for hours and hours on the Internet. Who needs to get any work done anyway?

When it comes to red carpet sophistication, Jennifer’s style is yet again unparalleled. And having been accused in the past of sticking too closely to 
“safer” outfits (normally incorporating black in some way) it would seem that in recent years Jennifer is becoming more and more experimental, and hats off to her for that! Quite frankly we can’t get enough. Is it any surprise her A-list friends seem to love her just as much as we do?!

Aside from being adored worldwide, it is no secret that Jennifer has felt the wraths of being such a popular star, especially when it comes to her love life. After having been married to Brad Pitt from the years of 2000-2005 (in one of the most overly romanticised Hollywood relationships of all time), she is now dating the devilishly handsome Justin Theroux. 

You would think that after a heavily publicised divorce that equated to a lot of sympathy from her adoring fans, the media would want to leave Jennifer alone to get on with her life, but apparently not. In fact, it would seem that she continuously finds herself under scrutiny again and again for not following patterns of the supposed norm by having children and getting married again. I mean, who on earth in their right minds sees it as their place to dictate what this incredibly successful and beautiful woman should do with her life?! I certainly don’t see her as someone to be pitied and neither should anyone else. Jennifer has it all mapped out exactly the way she wants it and I can’t frankly wait to watch her style evolve even more than it has done over the next twenty years.

Jennifer, you are an inspiration.

Get the Look

How to sum up a style like Jennifer’s? That is the material question. Well, the first step is to put yourself in the mindset of a free-spirited ‘California Girl’ who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, especially when it comes to her fashion.

Whether it be a functional pair of jeans, a comfy pair of Riviera wedges or just shorts and a bikini on the beach, Jennifer always gives the impression of ease and relaxation and this is now the mantra for all of you aspiring style emulators. 

I guarantee that if you focus enough to adopt this attitude (perhaps, along with a great blow dry if you feel like treating yourself) then the world will be your oyster!



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