If ever there was a celebrity that oozed sophistication and elegance in both her style and persona, it is Olivia Palermo. And having featured her counterpart or should I say ‘frenemy’ Whitney Port last week, it seemed completely appropriate to feature New York’s very own born and bred socialite next on the blog.

Olivia’s natural beauty obviously goes without saying but it is really her unequivocal New York style that sets her leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. This was first thrown into the limelight alongside Whitney Port in MTV’s The City in 2009, where her competitive side saw her cast as the loveable ‘villain’ of the show. Her approach – staged or not – obviously gained her some recognition because nowadays there is not a high fashion front row worth a dime that wouldn’t request her presence.

Alongside making the female population of the fashion world ache with jealousy on a daily basis, the last year has also seen Olivia collaborate on a variety of fashion and interior design projects, not to mention a charitable jewellery campaign to increase support and awareness of the endangered Maasai tribes in Kenya. The last year also signified a major landmark for Olivia as she married her long-term partner of six years, German model Johanes Huebl, in a classically understated ceremony in New York.

As you can see, Olivia’s wedding dress – which she co-designed with Carolina Herrera – couldn’t have been much less conventional but its unique credential has been acclaimed by fashionistas worldwide.

Therefore, just a side prediction here, I am absolutely convinced that Olivia’s future will most likely see her take the reigns of key players in the fashion world such as Anna Wintour, whose influence is unparalleled. It is certainly heading that way, so watch this space.

Get the Look

Ok, so I think it is stating the obvious a little but just to reiterate, Olivia’s style is all about class, always displayed in the utmost way possible, even in the way she stands. Basically, with a stance like Olivia’s she could pretty much make a bin liner look good. Therefore, it might be worth practicing your model poses before leaving the house when planning to emulate her look, stretching your spine as long as possible and even pretending that you’re balancing a book on your head if necessary!

Clothing-wise, Olivia is very much an advocate of New York favourites such as Chanel, DVF and Manolo Blahnik. However, seeing as there are plenty of high street brands that transcend a similar strain of elegance and sophistication such as Cos, Mango and Zara the rest of us still have a chance to exude the same look. Just be careful to keep the look refined at all times. Layering is by all means welcome – Olivia lives in NYC after all – but just be sure to keep the lines clean and sharp.



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