Often the male feels an alpha male, and to prove to himself that the other engages in amazing companies that make him feel tough. Actually the fairer sex judges such expressions of masculinity as ridiculous ostentation animals, causing a counterproductive effect. 

Let's analyze some of these attitudes and why women laugh.

Keep the loud music in the car
It is not clear from where the resulting conviction, but many kids believe that listening to music in car volumes illegal can confer a certain charm. In addition to the resounding disturb public order in terms of decibels, we must not forget the disastrous artistic choice of songs made ball. 
This behavior is extremely ridiculous, especially if associated with the arm out of the window that falls vertically, and the excessive swinging of the head that follows the rhythm of the music.

Touch the biceps
The muscular man has a real infatuation towards its muscles. The biceps is always the most loved and that is many males the symbol of its power. For this happen to hear someone ask a girl to touch his biceps, convinced that it can somehow convince her of his physical superiority. There is no question that you can do to a woman that entertain more than this.

Want to prove at all costs to be the best, not passing it ever when playing football, drinking more than the others when it comes to dinner, more wrong subjunctive of all when discussing something, is a behavior much despised by women, who seeking instead a man of value but it proves only to her. Sometimes.

Boast of their sexual skills
Often many males are not ashamed to celebrate the size of their penis or their unrealistic sexual performance. This thing is seen by us as the typical behavior of the loser. Declared instead of having small, we will be interested to find out if he is joking, and if it is really small there will not be disappointed expectations.

Challenge friends in tests of strength
Playing tug of war will not make you more charming.

Wear sunglasses out of context
The sunglasses helps so much to make the tough but there are situations in which wear them only worsens things. To give just two examples, we can speak of the man who goes jogging with sunglasses, and sunglasses worn after nine at night.

These are pretty much the attitudes of a man that males consider cool and women ridiculous. 
But maybe I'm wrong, so maybe this is the reason I am single.



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