Today I decided to leave my 'theorical' post and chooce a more practical topic. Its gonna be simple but effective.
Girls Night. Yes, you and your friends.
It happened like enchantment: eyes met, hearts, shuddered. Behind every incredible sentiment is an awesome gathering of companions who remained by you through the adorable messages, the blended messages, the 'No message?!'.
Raise a toast to the young ladies who got you through with these four memourable gatherings. 

Music Video:
Get everybody to chip in and employ Jenks&Co (http://jenksandco.tv/) to film your own music feature. Pick a melody and everybody will emulate a line or two. 
The resoult? A funny token or conceivable wedding blessing for the lady. No alcol eh!

Transform Your Home into a Spa: 
Get trimmed and spoiled before the offer day because of the Urban Retreat's (http://www.urbanretreat.co.uk/) at home administration. 
Their specialists will back rub, nail trim and wax while you and your companions unwind with the musicm candles and champagne. 
Yes, you can do it for free if you have a friend expert in masks, make up, massage and wax but... its not gonna be funny!

Figure out how to shake like Beyonce: 
Get some new momes and het a fun, endorphin boosting workout showing move schedules by Beyonce, Britney, Gwen and that's just the beginning. 
In the event that nothing else, you will giggle a considerable measure. 
And you could use those moves for your partner...

Bring the bar home:
Transform your lounge room into a mixed drink bar with 43 Club's (http://www.the43club.co.uk/ )portable mixed drink administration. You get boundless mixed drinks, your own mixologist, no long wait for a beverage or frightening men attempting to visit you up. 
Furthermore, its anything but difficult to slither to awful if things get chaotic.

If you are not in London and you can't enjoy some of these ideas... go outside and find them next to you!



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